Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Child

Sometimes it can be hard to remember to show love to your child when they just drew a picture of a treasure map all over your hallway wall with permanent marker.  Or to be overly concerned when they start crying (again) because they want a purple straw and all that's left is orange ones.  So here are few ways that can help you step back and remember to nurture the relationship you have with your child:

Listen.  Let's face it.  Kids talk a lot.  They talk and talk and asks lots of questions over and over.  And as irritating as this can be at times there is a reason behind it.  They are learning and facing new experiences everyday.  They talk about it and ask questions to process those experiences.  So make sure to be a good listener to your child and not just tune them out (which you would never do I am sure). Turn off the technology that can so easily distract us. Then give them good eye contact, be ready to teach when the time is necessary, and validate their learning.
Have special time with them.  Everyday take a little bit of time to have one on one with your child.  This is especially important when you have multiple children.  They need to be given special attention and love and shown that they are important to you and your family.  Alternate between doing things with them that they want to do and are in charge of and things that you want to do and are in charge of.

Speak to them with respect.  Oftentimes, we demand respect from our children, because we are the adults, but do not reciprocate it in return.  We often lose our temper and are impatient with them.  Try to be aware of the way you are using your words towards them.  Be kind, loving, and grateful to them.  Be a model of the respect you want them to show to you and others.

Bedtime.  This can be a very special time with your child.  This is also a great way to connect with them and create a stronger bond.  Talk to them. Ask them about their worries, how their day at school went, how they are getting along with their siblings, etc.  Reassure them that you hear their concerns and will help them solve it the next day.  Also take this time to read to your children.  Reading is one of the best ways to help your child develop and a great way to spend extra time together.
Be interested in what they're interested in.  Talk to them and support them in their hobbies.  Be open about their interests and realize that they may be different then your own.  Be proud of who they are and who they and becoming.  Notice their interests, ask questions, and respect their opinions.

Hugs.  Multiple hugs a day.  Hug them when they first wake up, hug them when they accomplish something, hug them when they say something nice, hug them randomly all day long.  Their doesn't need to be a reason. Just hug them as a way to show them you love them.
There are many more ways to strengthen your relationship with your child.  Take the extra time to make your relationship a priority and show your child how much you appreciate and care about them.

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