Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hide 'n' Eat

Hide 'n' Eat
All kinds of hide-and-seek games are fun for your baby at this age, as he continues to be thrilled with the discovery that something hidden from him is still there after all. This variation on peekaboo livens up mealtime with the thrill of the chase.

Appropriate for: 7 to 10 months
Skills developed: Fine motor, understanding of object permanence
What you'll need: A clean dish towel, finger foods, and some small opaque cups or containers

Show your baby a snack (anything that's not too wet or mushy), then cover it with a cloth dish towel or napkin. Let him lift the veil and discover that his treat is still there, even though he couldn't see it just a moment ago.

You can also inject a little sleight of hand: Put two small pieces of food in front of your baby, then cover them with opaque cups or other containers, adding at least one extra container that's not covering anything. Swirl the cups around so he can't tell which ones are hiding food, then let him lift off the cups and find his treats.

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