Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Plastic Bottle Bowling

One of my "nerdy" hobbies in life is bowling. I joined a bowling league in January of this year and had the time of my life. My team and I ended up winning the tournament a few weeks ago which led me to this fun playgroup activity I found on another blog. This could be a great activity that you make with your kids which leads to a fun game you can share with other kids in a playgroup.


Here's what you'll need:

10 clear plastic bottles-preferably all the same size with the caps too
Craft acrylic paint
A ball-a little bit of weight to the ball is helpful. 


  • Clean the inside of the bottles well.
  • Add some paint to each bottle. See the picture below for a good amount. If your paint is  thick you'll want to add some water to it so the paint can move around and coat the inside. About a teaspoon of water should work. 
  • Photo 2
Photo 3

  • Put the caps back on the bottles and let your kids shake them allowing the entire inside of the bottle to be covered in paint. You could also use 2 colors in a bottle and make the inside look swirly. Get creative!
  • Take the caps off, dump the extra paint out and let them dry for about 12 hours. 
  • Put the caps back on and arrange them on your sidewalk like the pattern to the right. 
  • Let the game begin! You'll kids will love a little challenge. Hopefully they can knock them all down!

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