Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Playground Scavenger Hunt

Discovery Park

Last weekend I took my nieces and nephews to the discovery park in Pleasant Grove or as they call it "the park with the big red slide" (1550 North 100 East if you want to try this fun wooden park out). This is a park that they only visit a couple of times a year so they were all pretty excited. They were telling me all about the new and different things this park had that their other local parks didn't. I then came across this fun idea that you could do with your kids in a playgroup.

Playground Scavenger Hunt!

Use the list below to discover all of the different playground equipment at different parks close to you. This is an activity that could be ongoing for you and your kids. Visit at least 1 new park a month and check mark all of the different types of playground equipment your children tries out. This will get them active and excited to search for new parks to complete their lists. Feel free to add to it too!

Click here for a full printable version

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