Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Event recap

The past few weeks have been busy with events!
We love being able to host community events and to share resources with local families.  Our goal is to encourage community members to make learning a fun, daily activity.  You can be an Every Day Learner by visiting Every Day Learners  and advocating or mentoring in your local neighborhood.  Welcome Baby accomplishes Every Day Learning by provide resources to families needs, share information on child development, and help parents make social connections. 

We partnered with Walmart to celebrate Baby Days and enjoyed all the children who stopped by to play a game with us or use their creative eye to create a craft.  We focused our activities on all the fun things our hands can do!  We had many activities that helped children develop fine and gross motor skills. 

This activity is simple and can be done at home!  It is a great way to help your child develop gross motor skills.  Just grab your yoga ball (or any large ball) and help your child practice balance.  Try putting your child on their stomach or back and while holding them, help them touch the floor forward and backwards.  You can also try going right to left.  This helps the child use their muscles to adjust as the ball moves.  The great thing is that you can adapt these exercises to your child's age! 

For those who like to be creative, we focused on fine motor skills and had the children use things such as scissors, crayons, and glue to assemble 'hand' books.  A great way to help your child develop fine motor skills is to help them use small things that require them to develop control with their fingers.  Things such as beading a necklace, counting with cheerios, cutting a paper shape or coloring in the lines are all great ways to help your children!

The following week, we partnered with BYU Broadcasting to celebrate of Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss' Birthday with PBS star, Mr. Steve.  

We wanted to show parents that reading to your children is not only very important, but also lots of fun!  From some of the popular Dr. Seuss books, we created activities that focused on pre-math skills, imagination, and fine motor skills.  

 Thanks to our wonderful volunteers!

If you didn't get to see the Mr. Steve concert, here is one of my favorite songs!  I love how his songs are catchy, informational, and easy to remember!  

Take some time and enjoy with your children!

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