Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Springville Playgroup: A Windy Day

     We had such a wonderful turn out at the Springville playgroup last week! We started out by running around the gymnasium. We must have had about 15 kids. We all decided to get our wiggles out by screaming as loud as we could running from one side of the room to the other. Then we had lots of bouncy balls. We played "catch" and we even got the preschoolers and toddlers to gently toss the ball to the babies. 
      Once we took care of their wiggles we moved on to singing time to grasp the children's attention. We sung the "Little Turtle: Tiny Tim" song and "Ring-a-round-the-Rosie." Both songs were great to get the children's attention because of the gestures that go with them. Once we cooled down from playing hard, it was story time.
We first read the book, Animal Action ABC.
This book was such a fun way for all the kids to get together and act out what animals do.  Each verbs were introduced alphabetically, so it was also a good learning tool for the alphabet.
We then moved on to our theme. The weather.  We talked about what we see when it's rainy out, and when it's sunny out, but what about a windy day? The children all agreed that they couldn't see wind, but they could see what it did to trees and hear what it did to their windows at home.
Then we moved onto this book. The Wind Blew.