Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Playgroup: Hello Goodbye Window

Hello, hello! Our latest playgroup was centered around the book Hello Goodbye Window. We spread out a quilt on the floor and had the children sit on it while we read. The story goes through all the reasons this child loves a specific window in her grandparents' home, and mostly that it is a good place to say hello and goodbye.

Next we used a picture frame and let each of the children look through the 'window' while we sang. The kids thought it was fun!

Next, since we had sat on a quilt and talked about how the individual parts are important, just like we are in our families, we made quilts out of different shaped papers. The kids arranged them in a pattern and glued them using their fine motor skills to make a quilt!

For our snack, we had graham cracker and frosting sandwiches. Simple and sweet! Just spread frosting across one half of a graham cracker, and smoosh the other half on top. Yum!

We have been working on a bulletin board to display pictures and art work of the kids. It's finished and it turned out great! It's a wonderful addition to our playgroup!

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