Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Resource Spotlight: Partners for Infants and Children

Partners for Infants and Children (PIC) aspire to build collaborative networks among multiple partners to empower parents.

Partners for Infants and Children focuses on two areas:
1. Improving access for parents to quality early childhood services.
2. Giving parents greater information in addressing the social and emotional development in infants and children.

One great way PIC empowers families in the community is through the Conscious Fathering classes held every other month! Conscious Fathering is a tried and true parenting program for expectant dads and new dads. The class covers one dad-to-be, and he can bring along his child's grandpa-to-be or uncle-to-be for free.

Class Topics
This class offers men insight into preparing for those precious first few months of a baby’s life. It covers how to meet baby's basic needs: to be fed, burped, comfortable, rested, and responded to when they cry.

It is also discussed how to begin to develop your own definition of what kind of father you want to be and how you want to interact with your child. Our children need fathers as much as they need mothers, and fathers’ involvement in the lives of their kids is an integral part of healthy development. How you care for your child from the very first day will build the foundation for your relationship. Are you ready to embrace fatherhood, immerse yourself in your child’s life, and strive to be a true partner in all aspects of your child’s development?

This 2.5 hour class is offered every other month at various locations including Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, American Fork Hospital and Kids on the Move.
Classes are held on either last Saturday or Tuesday of each month see schedule for specific dates, location and times of each month at http://www.picuc.org/conscious-fathering-registration

REGISTER online or call 801-691-5304

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