Friday, February 15, 2013

Book Review: I Like Me by Nancy Carlson

I have a best friend. That best friend is ME!

School age: Preschool to 2nd grade

Developmental Skill: Social and emotional developmental is foundational to all learning and can easily be described as regulating our emotions, understanding our emotions, showing emotional attachment and working well with others. 

Review: Nancy Carlson's cheerful pig is full of good feeling about herself. She knows hot to take care of herself and how to have fun-even when there's no one else around. And when she makes mistakes, she has the confidence to try again. I Like Me introduces a character children will love to meet-a special friend who will help them feel good about themselves too. 

Activity:  Write a letter to your child of telling them why you love them. Include talents you notice and behaviors you appreciate. Mail it to your child and see his/her face light up!

-Write a love message with lipstick on your child's bathroom mirror so it's the first thing or last thing they see for the day!

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