Friday, February 22, 2013

Book Review: Animal Action by Karen Pandell

Reading to your child helps them become ready to start and stay in school. The fun doesn't have to stop when the reading is done! There are many skills that come can be initiated from reading a book. To build upon these skills, use activities to reinforce the learning.

School Age: 1st to 3rd grade

Developmental Skill: Gross Motor skills target the large muscle groups such as arms, legs, and torso. Develop these skills by jumping, throwing, running and kicking. 

Review: An innovative alphabet book invites small children to imitate twenty-six different animals as they box, leap, and stretch their way from A to Z, and each spread features an animal and children in imitating poses.

Activity: See if your child can do the action of each animal. Look in the back of the book for where the animals live and see which animals live in your area.


  • Show us some ways that animals move.
  • Why would it be hard for your body to keep moving this way for a long time?


  • What would happen if a lion moved like a snake?
  • Why is it important to the lion that he moves like a lion and not like a snake?

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