Friday, February 1, 2013

Book Review: I Spy, School Days by Jean Marzollo

School Age: Kindergarten +

Developmental Skill: Cognitive and reasoning skills are important in all areas of development. This helps children to think independently, increases vocabulary and builds self-confidence as they solve problems.

Book Review:
As a child I loved the "I Spy" books. It is exhilarating to find the objects in each themed picture along with the riddles. Each picture is exciting and will keep you interested in searching!

Activity: Help your children find the hidden objects in the pictures. This is a great book to do with children of all ages because they can find new things each time. Attention to detail is also a crucial skill they can develop from this activity. Extend the spying game to everyday objects. Hide things for your children to find. This can become a fun game and tradition for your family.

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