Monday, March 25, 2013

Basics and Benefits of Infant Massage

Touch is the first form of communication that a baby expresses. Naturally, your infant will feel loved, safe and secure when you touch her back. Infant Massage is a great opportunity to demonstrate love to your sweet baby. 


IM benefits for your baby:
  1. Infant-Parent bonding opportunity
  2. Great relaxation technique
  3. Baby feels loved through touch, eye contact, voice and body language
  4. Prepares and promotes for better sleep
  5. Sensory stimulation occurs
  6. Skin condition improvement
  7. Blood circulation improvement
  8. Promotes better digestion
  9. Promotes balanced respiration
  10. Provides relief for teething pains
  11. Assists in regular waste elimination
  12. Helps build baby's self-esteem
  13. Stimulates production of the hormone oxytocin which helps calm, relax and relief any pain your baby may be experiencing.
Before the Massage

Be sensitive to your baby's moods and it's better to choose a time when they're not too tired or hungry. A good option is after a bath or 30 minutes before bedtime. If your baby's needs are unmet they will not relax and respond to you.

Create a warm, safe, soft environment free from distractions. Warmth is important because infants loose body heat easily. 

During the Massage

Be Flexible - It is an interactive communication that flows between you and your baby. 

Eye contact - Offering eye contact allows to deepen your connection with your baby. 

Voice - Talk and sing to her during the massage. Music may add quality to your time together. 

Touch Relaxation - It is a valuable skill to help reduce stress and increase your child's feeling of well-being. 

Infant Cues - Your baby will cue what they need and want. Listen and be willing to respond properly to their cues.

What You Will Need
  • Oi l- Use a small amount to allow your hands to move freely as you massage. Unscented, cold-pressed fruit or vegetable oil is recommended.
  • Towel or quilt - for the baby to lay on.
  • Pillow - This provides a security. The support of the pillow helps reduce reflexive tendency to startle.
  • Protective cloth to put under your baby.
  • Change of clothes to dress your baby into afterwards.  
Overview and tips on Baby Massage

Nurturing Touch: Instruction in the Art of Infant Massage

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