Friday, March 15, 2013

Book Review: Have You Seen My Duckling? by Nancy Tafuri

"Reading to your child helps them become ready to start and stay in school. The fun doesn't have to stop when the reading is done! There are many skills that come can be initiated from reading a book. To build upon these skills, use activities to reinforce the learning."

School age: Infant+

Book Review: An anxious mother duck leads her brood around the pond as she searches for one missing duckling.

Developmental Skill: Imagination is foundational skill for children to develop problem solving, independent thinking and creative thinking. Imagination is an important part of play where children can understand the world around them.

Activity: Have your child look for the duckling that is hiding; after reading the book several times have your child look and find the turtle. You can also play peek-a-book with your child and have fun finding each other.

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