Friday, March 8, 2013

Book Review: The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

"Reading to your child helps them become ready to start and stay in school. The fun doesn't have to stop when the reading is done! There are many skills that come can be initiated from reading a book. To build upon these skills, use activities to reinforce the learning."

Book Review: Carried aloft by the autumn wind, the tiny seed, along with other bigger seeds, travels far over the world. the journey is perilous: one of the bigger seeds is burned by the sun; another falls into the ocean; still another is eaten by a bird. Even after those that are left have landed on fertile ground and begun to grow, danger is near: one small plant is stepped on; one little flower is picked; but the tiny seed keeps growing almost unnoticed. Young readers will cheer at the happy outcome of this exciting tale. And they will long remember the heartening message of the tiny seed's steadfast perseverance in the face of many hazards and obstacles until its final joyful success.

Illustration style: Eric Carle's style is very unique and creative! His artwork is created by using a collage technique, cutting out many pieces of paper and gluing them onto the paper. By overlapping paper he is able to create a picture full of different colors and textures. He also uses watercolors to add another fun element. His artwork is very organic and focuses on nature and animals.

Activity: Gather magazines and scrape paper and let your child have fun making their own collage. This is a great way to develop fine motor skills as a child cuts, tears, and glues paper. If you child is older, help them make a storyboard and write their own story.

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