Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Resource Spotlight: Everyday Learners of Utah County

Education matters. And you can help. 

In 2010 Three out of Ten Third Graders in Utah County were not Reading at Grade Level.

That means that by 2019, 2,500 students in Utah County are more likely to drop out of high school. Read more...
What's the Solution?
YOU ARE. And now, United Way of Utah County invites you to lend a hand to the cause of education by counting yourself as an EveryDay Learner.
What is an EveryDay Learner?
By 2014, United Way of Utah County plans to have 10,000 residents of Utah County counted as EveryDay Learners. An EveryDay Learner is simply someone who makes education a priority in their life. That might mean an extra hour a week doing formal volunteering such as reading, tutoring or mentoring. But it might also meanadvocating for education in ways that take little to no extra time.
The Benefits
However you choose to get involved, by counting yourself as an EveryDay Learner you are showing support for the important cause of education. You will also receive a monthly newsletter with activity tips and ideas on what others are doing to be EveryDay Learners.

ACT NOW. Stand up and be counted. Be an EveryDay Learner.

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