Monday, April 15, 2013

Baby Sleep Suggestions

Snooze Strategies A to Zzz


Avoid  Eye Contact: Lasting, animated eye contact is stimulating and can prolong getting a baby to sleep.

Bath-time: Warm water & soft washcloth strokes will likely calm and relax a baby.

Co-sleeping: Babies who co-sleep with their parents develop higher self-esteem & have less anxiety.

Dreamfeed: By feeding a sleeping baby before mom  goes to bed, may buy interrupted sleep.

Empty the Crib: Items in the crib (blankets, toys) can be a potential hazard & cause choking or suffocation.

Fragrance: Essential oils (lavender) has relaxing & anti-anxiety benefits.

GERD: Gastroesophageal reflux disease is known to disturb babies sleep.

Hands-on: When lying a baby in the crib, gentle touches on the head, arms & tummy to soothe her.

Ideal Bedtime: Setting a sleep schedule is important and helps to avoid over tiredness.

Jammies: Pick jammies that fit  snugly & is made of natural fibers to avoid skin irritation.

Keeping Cool: It’s recommended to keep a baby’s room at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lights Out: Create a dark environment for baby to sleep in. Avoid nightlights.

Massage: Babies and toddlers who get a short massage before bedtime fall asleep quicker than those read to.

Naps: Are important for a baby’s mental & physical growth and they’ll sleep longer if they nap regularly.

Overnight: Night diapers and diaper cream will make it more comfortable for  baby and hopefully asleep!

Pacifiers: Are a great object to use to help baby soothe themselves to sleep.

Quirky Fixes: Be flexible and willing to try different things to soothe baby, i.e. driving around the neighborhood.

Routines: Choose a bedtime ritual for baby and stick with it. Consistency is key!

Swaddling: “Baby burrito” will save you.  This technique mimics the tight womb and will naturally calm baby.

Telling a Story: Before bed reading or telling a story can be relaxing for you both and be a great time to bond.

Understanding Cues: Watch for baby’s cues and you’ll eventually understand when she's ready for bed.

Voice: Newborns by now know mom’s voice. Speak softly and baby will naturally drift off to sleep feeling safe mom is close by.

White Noise: In the womb there was constant, loud noises. Baby may sleep easier with a fan or white noise machine.

XOXO: Longer and deeper sleep is a result of loves and kisses.

You are my Sunshine: Singing is a soothing technique to calm  sleepy baby.

Zzz: What is that sound? A sleeping baby!

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