Monday, April 8, 2013

Kid-Safety Apps

       We agree that no matter what neighborhood we live in we always need to be aware and cautious of our surroundings. Teaching our children some simple safety skills is very important. Below is a composite of several safety apps that have received outstanding reviews and rating from parents and children. It is said to be "quite worthy of your time and your kid's time." Each app features a specific safety topic and there is sure to be one that fits your desire you want your child to learn!  

                       Chugginton: Be Safe!

'Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe!' This app includes an interactive Chugginton traffic safety pledge, a traffic safety game, coloring activity and more! 

Price: FREE
Rating: 4+ (out of 5 stars)

Let’s Be Safe: A Safety Game for Kids

A 1980 board game that teaches children about safety! Each card in this game have problem for kids which they regularly face in and out of home. And the problems which they really need for the parents to teach their children about safety. 

Price: FREE
Rating: 4+

                                   Clara City

Clara and her sisters are back with a new and exciting adventure in the city! This time, dad has asked us to find a series of objects that we'll have to add to our backpack.

  • Acquire the skills and behaviors needed to move around the city safely.
  • Learn the correct way to cross the street and respect traffic lights.
  • Identify different items used in everyday life.
  • Educate ourselves in personal hygiene habits.
  • Practice basic knowledge about shapes and colors etc. 

Price: FREE
Rating: 4+

                   Safety for Kids by Tinyapps

Home and Road safety! This app will help educate your kids on the dangers at home and on the road and how to keep themselves safe. As basic as they may seem, simple safety tips could end up saving your child's life. 

Price: FREE (upgrade for the full version: $.99)
Rating: 4+

            4bambini: Safety for Kids

This is an only available on Android phones. This safety app is a game of question and answer cards. These cards teach children about home, school, nature, traffic, sport, and health safety. This game encourages memorization on safety. As a reward of a completion your child will receive a coloring page diploma.

Price: $1.99
Rating: 4+

Get downloading and get safe!

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