Monday, April 1, 2013

10 Tips for Dad & Baby Bonding

Caring for an infant happens consistently throughout each day: constant feeding, changing clothing and diapers, and other basic things. The father's role has been portrayed to be less involved in the first few months of the baby's life, but this is should not be the case! I find it is extremely important that a father bonds to his new baby from day one and is involved as much as possible. 

 The Unperfect Mummy blog tells us of 10 things father's can do to bond with their baby! 

1. Bath baby: Even though it's about 10 minutes, this time can be special for you both. Also, showering with your baby can be a great opportunity to be close. 

2. Wear baby in a sling: If you're reading a book or doing the dishes, do it with your baby! 

3. Skin to skin: Having contact with your baby skin to skin has many benefits. From this article it tells us of the benefits:  

  • Baby becomes more familiar with you
  • Provides a sense of security
  • From research it has shown physical, mental and emotional long-term health benefits
  • Promotes growth and weight gain
  • Improves sleeping

4. Eye contact: Is very important and is often an overlooked part of bonding. As adults, when we are not being looked at during conversation we assume we aren't being listened to, babies pick up on this too. Babies love when dad and mom stare into their eyes.

5. Read to your baby: By doing so you are communicating to your baby through eye contact and sound. Babies are usually very soothed by their father's low-tone voice. 

6. Give your baby a massage: Touch is the first form of communication that a baby expresses. Naturally, your infant will feel loved, safe and secure when you touch her back. Infant Massage is a great opportunity to demonstrate love to your sweet baby. Go here to learn about benefits of infant massage.

7. Settle baby to sleep: Some babies just need a feeding to fall sound asleep, but for some it requires rocking, swaying, or being bounced. If you have a baby like this hand them over to dad after the feeding. It's reassuring that your baby will settle down for both mom and dad.

8. Go for a walk with baby: By going outside, whether around the yard or in the neighborhood it's great for getting a breath of fresh air and exploring the world. You're baby will respond more to their world as they become older. 

9. Basic care for your baby: By changing baby's clothes, bathing them, or putting them in the car seat provides opportunities for dad to talk and use eye contact.

10. Cuddle with mom and baby when it's feeding time: Breastfeeding isn't an excuse for dad to be an outcast, but rather an opportunity for mom, dad and baby to bond and be together!     

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